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Hello and welcome to the blog with Crawley Gaming Community. For those of you that are new, please check out our "Who, What, Where and When!" post to find out more information on who we are and what we do.

Due to the second lockdown announced on October 31st and starting November 5th to December 2nd, our events will revert to online only for the time being but don't worry, as soon as we know when we can start up in-store/club events, we will notify you via all the social media platforms that we have access to.

For this week's post, we are going to bring you a few more games available to buy at The Comic Shop and the theme we've gone for this time is movies made into games. We will also update you on events that will be held online, the podcast release day and what we've been up to at the last Board Game Night at The Comic Shop before the second lockdown started (Sad face). Let's take a look at the listings below...

Kung Fu Panda


One! Two! Kung Fu! There is a place deep in the heart of Ancient China where true legends are born. Through wise teachings and the perfection of exotic martial arts, masters hone their craft and steel their minds to protect the good and combat you can join the furious five and Po, the dragon warrior himself, in this epic quest. 2-4 players, play across 9 different missions or one-off games with three different play modes. Co-operate to overcome obstacles and achieve your goal as a team. Jason of CGC has this game and has painted the miniatures to match the movie characters.




Become a member of the bureau of paranormal research and defence (B.P.R.D), ready to investigate occult events that threaten our very existence. Explore gothic locations, hunt down clues, discover artefacts, fight horrific creatures and face-off against terrifying bosses! Some very nice miniatures are included in this game to paint and customise!


Wakanda Forever


When will you take the throne?

A slew of villains threatens Wakanda as the 5 tribes battle together to keep the country safe. Leading the fight is the King of Wakanda and the Ultimate Warrior, the Black Panther, who alone earns more points than the other four tribes.

But you want the throne for yourself...Time your moves carefully, challenge for the throne when the moment is right and take the mantle of Black Panther!

Win the game with the most points and cement your legacy as the Black Panther!


The box art for this is amazing!




Yes, you saw that right! Footloose is now a game! You know you want to sing it!

Play as rebellious teens, dancing against the town's 'no-dancing' law! Push your luck to gain points, but go too far and you may get busted! Score bonus points by winning a Tractor Chicken face-off or the dance-off at the Prom! Includes finger shoes for some hilarious table top dance-offs!


Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake


Summertime fun is dying out at camp crystal lake, where masked and murderous Jason Voorhees is on the hunt for camp counsellor blood...and your unlucky day is looming. In Friday the 13th, you and your peers are grasping for as many life-saving supplies as you can find to escape the vengeful serial killer's slaughter, beware of backstabbing friends and misfortune that awaits in the woods and try to make it out alive through five nights in this edge of your seat game of chance, strategy and survival.


Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit


Several of Newt Scamander's magical beasts have escaped and are running loose in New York City. Players take on the role of Newt, Tina, Jacob and Queenie on an exciting adventure as they try to return all the beasts to Newt's suitcase before they draw the attention of the non-magical community. To do so, they will need to collect sets of dice to take actions that will allow them to shield each other, draw cards, and most importantly, get the beasts back into Newt's suitcase before havoc ensues.


Last week's BGN


Games played last Wednesday were

Betrayal at House on the Hill (featured photos), Marvel Champions, Architects, Joking Hazard and Magic the Gathering.

Nice turn out for the last Game Night before the second lockdown so thank you to everyone who made it and supported The Comic Shop as well. Another reminder that all in-store events are on hold until further notice.

Online events and releases

Monday 9th November - Online Discord event, held by the combined Crawley Gaming Community from 7 pm onwards.

Thursday 12th November - The Podcast with Crawley Gaming Community release. Tune in to find out what Ian, Jason and Paul are up to. Links and podcast services listed near the end of the post.

Thank you to everyone who has supported not only The Comic Shop but the community as well over the last few months, it is very much appreciated. We will be back with an update for you all between 30th November and 7th December. Keep safe everyone!

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Written 07/11/20

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