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Hello and welcome to the blog with Crawley Gaming Community. For those of you that are new, please check out our "who, what, where and when" post to find out more information on who we are and what we do.
Last week saw the first Board Game Night at The Comic Shop since lockdown. Check it out further in this blog. We tell you what games starred at the event and who got that sought after Board Game title of winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Also this week, we bring you all the news we can from inside the ever changing comic shop layout as they expand their stock and make use of their space. We give you the current Comic shop store layout and where to find things including the brand new and fabulous dice spinner from Oakie Doakie Dice (close up pictured above), hell yeah, dice dice baby! Plus we give you a tidbit of the upcoming podcast to pique your interest, all the links for more content, some Kickstarter breaking news and upcoming events scheduled for this week plus the updated Comic Shop opening times. So, Check this out!

New shop layout

At the front of the store, you will find the new Dice spinner conveniently located at the entrance for you pick up your favourite colour dice sets for your gaming needs next to the awesome ultimate guard stand for all your sleeving and deck box needs plus all the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) models to buy up, paint and play with, and super cute plushies for those stocking filler gift ideas, all right at the front of the store!

Step up to the till area to find all the Magic the Gathering stock as showcased by the sparkly MTG Judge, Aaron. Up next and sliding past an angry sandwich munching hulk, you'll find the paint station with a range of Army Painter sets, paint brushes and more D&D stock including the Icewind Dale: rime of the frostmaiden books with their new super soft matte cover finish (we definitely love these), Nolzurs Marvelous Pigments: Monsters Paint Set for D&D miniatures, premium D&D game dice and of course, other handbooks, campaign books and spellbook cards.

Next up we have the coaster spinner for all those themed table savers from hot cup ring stains, themed bags, wallets and notebooks for those in need of gift ideas, a whopping two bays of board games to peruse, buy and even a few selected for pay to play in The Comic Shop itself. Games to buy range from Pokémon Battle Academy to Potion Explosion to Pandemic plus sooooo many more! Games to play range from Codenames to Rick and Morty munchkin to Age of Conan: the strategy board game and of course, many more to play too so check out what's in stock and get your game on!

Following the games section we have two bays of Manga. Titles range from Bleach to Naruto to Death note, many more titles in between these plus Pokémon Manga is also available but get them quick, they're flying off the shelves! Next up is the graphic novel section. Two awesome bays of graphic novels and annuals plus special editions. Stock ranging from the golden age of superman: volume one to The Punisher to The Walking Dead plus far too many more for me to name!


So being at The Comic Shop, I've saved the most obvious part until last. The comics themselves! Check out all the new titles on the two front facing bays opposite Cap's Coffee Truck. For older titles and other available titles, check out the Comic book storage boxes on the way to the retro games room. All alphabetised ranging from issue 1 at the title divider in ascending order towards the front of the boxes. Enjoy flicking through and picking up those collectors goodies!


Board Game Night at the Comic Shop!


So we finally got our fix of social board gaming! Whoop! The trial event was run by Crawley Gaming Community and was a quiet affair this time but don't worry, we kept Covid safe so for those of you that were worried to attend, we have you covered for next week's event too. Current guidelines are monitored daily and rules set out in store to follow all guidelines at all times.

We also had the chance to watch the PS5 console price release, courtesy of Aaron and the wall projector, plus a few trailers for the new games coming out for it! If I could justify spending £450+ on one console I would, but I prefer to spend £450+ on a decent cache of multiple physical tabletop games instead! Digital just doesn't quite hit that mark with me but the PS5 design is quite nice and aesthetically pleasing, if you like that sort of Gaming stuff. Will you be getting one? Let us know what game you want to play on the PS5 in the comments.

Two games were played in the Board Game event on Wednesday. The first was Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising, a cooperative game where Jason and Ian's group, a grand total of 4 players, died in a spectacularly fashionable quick death after only two rounds with 8 player turns passing! They were not prepared! Don't worry, in the second game they also died in about 10 minutes after 7 player turns this time, dying one turn quicker than the last game! New record! No luck on this game today sadly. We blame Ian for his shoddy shuffling of unsleeved cards, Bad Ian! But Jason is also in trouble, I mean come on! Not sleeving your game cards? Seriously, did you not just release a podcast episode nearly two weeks ago that talks about protecting your table top investments? Tut tut! No chicken dinner for this group!


The second game played in this event was Architect, supplied by James, one of our community members. In this game, he and Paul (yes, we let him out of the CGC news shed today for a special visit!) battled head to head in this PvP game in order to build a cathedral by meeple placements and resource collecting. The winner of this game was James by a very close 6 point difference, the game ended at 33-39! So close Paul, you nearly made it! Better luck next time, now get back in the shed! James can now purchase himself a tasty chicken dinner with his winner, winner points!


Thank you to everyone that attended the event and for your support to The Comic Shop and our Community Group. We fully understand the fear and worry of coming out to socialise considering the current pandemic and recent guidelines released and we appreciate those choosing to stay at home and stay safe too. Once again, we remind all our readers that we are a Covid safe group and follow all current guidelines in place.


Snapshot for the week ahead



The Comic Shop(TCS) - CLOSED

Crawley Gaming Club(CGC) - CLOSED


The Comic Shop - 1200-2200


The Comic Shop - 1200-2200

Board Game Night @ TCS - 1800-2200


The Comic Shop - 1200-2200

Podcast with CGC - RELEASE DAY


The Comic Shop - 1200-1800

Poundhill Board Gamers - CLOSED


The Comic Shop - 1200-1800


The Comic Shop - 1200-1800

I did it! I went to the dark side! As the corruption, influenced by Jason and Ian grew, I set up an account and backed my first game on Kickstarter! Pledging £20 for The Upgraded Bot from the new Bots Up Campaign released on 15th September. Build a Bot and battle to be the last Bot standing! This pledge will get me the base game plus the colour blast expansion as pictured above. Sitting here very smug at myself and can't wait to play the game! 2021 can't come quick enough, for many reasons but mainly for this game! Who wants to play this with me? Comment on this post and as soon as it arrives (approximately March 2021), we will arrange a game or ten!

Coming up on this week's podcast episode, release date of Thursday 24th September, Jason and Ian discuss the Thunderbirds game, let's hope they didn't drink too much of the bubbly from last week's episode! Tune in to find out their thoughts on the game and it's playability, plus listen in on Paul's segment from the CGC news shed, hopefully without the draft from any more curries that Ian has been feeding him! Paul will give us all the juicy Kickstarter in depth Information our poor bank accounts can (try to) handle and all upcoming events that he can squeeze into his 10-15 minutes of unsupervised freedom a week! All streaming services provided in the links section.


Have you enjoyed hearing about Jason and Ians group getting bashed by the Death Eaters last Wednesday? Come join us this Wednesday at The Comic Shop for Board Game Night, 1800-2200 and find out what game will beat them both up this time. Will they get their chicken dinner?


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Written on 17th September

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