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Hello and welcome to the blog with Crawley Gaming Community. For those of you that are new, please check out our "who, what, where and when" post to find out more information on who we are and what we do

This week's post sees us checking out the world of unicorns! Stay with me on this, I promise it's good! We have three super unicorn games to look at as well as taking a look at last week's Board Gaming Night at The Comic Shop plus upcoming gaming events, podcast tidbits and news from The Comic Shop. Let's follow that rainbow road and check out these Unicorn Games!

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable unicorns is a fun and brightly coloured tabletop card game for 2-8 Players. This game is owned by myself, with a copy at Crawley Gaming Club as well and available for demos at The Comic Shop so just ping me a message on Facebook. The base game has tons of unicorns, destruction, betrayal, being sneaky and armies of unicorns! Like the box says…"build a unicorn army, betray your friends, unicorns are your friends now!" This game is for ages 14 years plus, hilariously funny text on each card and fun for everyone.

I have played this game many times and still love it. I would recommend playing in a group of three or more, it's way more fun! The objective of the game is to get 7 unicorn cards Into your stable but watch out for downgrade cards like barbed wire or broken stable as this only allows you to have 5 unicorns in your stable unless you find a card that will destroy the downgrade! Snatch up those upgrade cards, play magic cards on your friends to stop them from winning, steal unicorns from your friends, shout neigh with instant cards that stop specific cards from being played or turn someone else's unicorns into pandas with the ultimate Pandamonium card! In a two-player game, the rules change by removing two neigh cards from play and increasing the stable value to 9 to win. Enjoy more exciting gameplay with the different expansions available.

Unstable Unicorns Expansions

This game also has the following expansions available. NSFW (Not safe for work!), rainbow apocalypse, dragons, unicorns uncut and unicorns of legend. I believe between myself and Jason, we have all the expansions and two copies of the base game available to play anytime, just drop a message to one of us and we will arrange to bring it to one of the club nights. We have noticed that the NSFW and unicorns uncut are the same bar 2 cards that are different. We wanted all of the cards so bought both expansions to include the 2 extra cards in the uncut version. Mix them all in for massive amounts of fun with a huge party game for up to 40 people to play!

Unstable Unicorns Kickstarter exclusives

This game also has two other Kickstarter exclusives but this time, each box is technically a themed deck with expansions included by having its own special premium or ultimate unicorns. The difference between these boxes and the other expansions are these ones have a base game in each box. The expansion is the inclusion of premium or ultimate unicorns. The black box is the Chaos deck and the white box is the Control deck. You can play these as they are, or mix the two together as well as mixing in any of the other expansions to make a much bigger game. I have both of these boxes, courtesy of Jason backing these and getting them for me to play so if you want to have a go or even just to look at these decks, let me know on Facebook and we will set up an evening to demo the game. The chaos and control unicorns bring a new theme and dynamic to the game with new actions not seen in the original base game and smaller expansions. Photos not supplied for these ones as I don't want to ruin the Kickstarter surprise, plus you can't get these anywhere so I don't want to advertise something pretty that no one else can get! 

Unicorn Fever

Unicorn fever is another brilliant unicorn game in our ever-growing game library. Backed on Kickstarter by Jason at Crawley Gaming Club, pictured below and recently deposited on his doormat. We haven't had a chance to play this game yet, but the minis are cute and goofy yet in desperate need of a little TLC in regards to a decent paint job! They're all baby pink plastic! No, no, no! Can't have that now! A custom paint job is on the list so keep an eye out for an update in the next couple of months.

The game is a tactical betting game with elements of luck thrown in. Take the roles of wealthy bettors in the magical world to be recognized as the next Great Horn, a title only the most skilled unicorn connoisseurs can obtain in the history of the tradition of great unicorn racing! To reach your goals, sign contracts with unscrupulous citizens of the fairy realm to hire services and turn the odds in your favour. Straight up fix the game by playing magic cards and avoid squandering your hard-earned gold so you aren't forced to ask the elf mob for loans! The player at the end with the most glory points wins the game if they aren't in too much debt with the elf mob!  Hopefully, we will break this game out at the Wednesday Board Gaming Night at The Comic Shop this week, on 14th October! Come down and try your luck!

Jason, CGC

Proud owner of Unicorn Fever!

Frozen Unicorns

Frozen Unicorns is a fun party card game of silly statues for 4-40 players. You can choose to act, draw or describe what is on the cards you pick. Earn points for guessing correctly with 3 modes of play, easy, medium and hard. Each mode has different points to collect. Similar to Charades and Pictionary, you'll have hours of fun playing this game at parties or family game nights. The age range is 8yrs plus, priced at £12.99 on Amazon, delivery costs not included.

I will personally be buying this game to make my family look like a complete idiot this Christmas and if you are all lucky, I will break it out at one of the club events closer to November/December to make all of you look silly too! 

Board Game Night at The Comic Shop

Last week Downforce, owned by Ian of PHBG** (in the Ironman hoodie), made it to the table, played by our wonderful mixed community from The Comic Shop, Crawley Gaming Club and Poundhill Board Gamers. True community spirit right there! Downforce is a tabletop car racing game with six colours of cars to play and a multitude of extra special moves for each driver. This game includes betting on the cars you want and who you think will win, racing each other and if you are Jason, screwing with other people's cars! If you want more information on this game and its expansion, check out the episode "we play Downforce" at The podcast with Crawley Gaming Community on the available services in the links below. 

Keep an eye out at The Comic Shop for some brand new games coming in very soon! Plenty of different game categories and styles of games available for everyone to enjoy.

Comic shop Events and opening times

(Week 12th-18th October)

  • Monday 12 - CLOSED

  • Tuesday 13 - Open 1200-2200
  • MTG** all-day event

  • Wednesday 14 - Open 1200-2200
  • BGN** 1800-2200

  • Thursday 15 - Open 1200-2200
  • MTG** all-day event

  • Friday 16 - Open 1200-2200
  • Warhammer stock release!!
  • MTG** JumpStart (awaiting confirmation)
  • MTG** Double masters

  • Saturday 17 - Open 1200-1800
  • D&D** all-day event

  • Sunday 18 - Open 1200-1800
  • Adventurer's league all-day event

Clubs and Events further afield

    • Monday 12th - Crawley Gaming Club base in Tilgate is still closed temporarily but you can catch the combined community on their discord channel from 7 pm onwards every Monday for the foreseeable future.
    • Friday 16th - Poundhill Board Gamers base is still closed temporarily but again, catch them as a community on Discord, Mondays at 7 pm onwards.
  • Saturday 17th - Mid Sussex Meeples game day event is on a Saturday this time around. Open from 945am to 545pm. At Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 8DX. Message their page on Facebook for more details.

  • The Podcast with Crawley Gaming Community

    This week's podcast, the release date of Thursday 15th October, Jason and Ian discuss customising games from 3D printing components, box inserts to custom painting and much, much more! Listen in on Paul's segment for Kickstarter news, upcoming events from the extended community and what mischief he's gotten himself into this week! Hopefully, his new pet, rubber ducky, has made it to the next episode!

    Want to try out one of our fabulous unicorn games? Message us on Facebook or come on down to the Wednesday Board Gaming Night at The Comic Shop, 42 High Street, Crawley. Event on from 6 pm to 950pm.

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    Written on 09/10/20

    Posted on 12/10/20

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