Jurassic Park or Goat Farm?

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Hello and welcome to the blog with Crawley Gaming Community. For those of you that are new, please check out our "who, what, where and when" post to find out more information on who we are and what we do.

Last week saw us reveal 10 cat crazy games for all the family and the community so this week sees us bringing you some dinosaur games to entertain all the young ones right up to those of you entering the prehistoric age range (#NotSorry!).

Also this week, we feed you as much of The Comic Shop news and Community podcast snacks you can gobble up, and as always, we provide all the links for more content for you to dine on too. All prices in the list do not include delivery costs. Let's get started!

List one

  • Dinosaur lotto on Amazon at £7.92 and for all your little ones aged 3-7yrs. Explore an exciting world with this colourful matching and memory game. As an educational game, it will help develop your little one's ability to recognise different dinosaurs and improve their matching skills. Race to be the first player to find all the items on your board.
  • Dinosaur escape on Amazon at £16.99 for ages 4yrs and up. Being a cooperative game, you'll need to work together to match all the dinosaurs under the fern tiles before the volcano puzzle is complete. An educational game of memory, speed and matching skills to entertain the family.
  • Top trumps dinosaur quiz with a twist on Amazon at £10.99 for ages 4yrs and up. An educational card game bringing your favourite Dinos to life. With 500 questions that will test your knowledge and memory. Comes in a handy small, plastic box, easy to travel with.
  • On a scale of one to T-Rex party card game on Amazon at £19.99 for ages 7yrs and up. Perform silly actions like "be a T-Rex" on a scale of one to ten intensity level. The twist on this game means it is not the quality of the work you do that earns you points, you earn points by guessing and matching the intensity each player is performing at. Fast paced, loud and silly party game, fun for all.

  • Hold up...we have more coming...

    List two

  • Dinosaurs monopoly on Amazon at £26.15 for ages 8yrs and up. Play a hardworking scientist who travels the Mesezoic (very old, like me!) era collecting fossils, skeletons, time periods and theories. Make deals with other scientists, leave your tents up on your own discoveries and watch the rent come pouring in when other scientists land on your discoveries! All the fun of monopoly...made better with DINOSAURS!
  • Trivial pursuit dinosaurs on Amazon at £10.99 for ages 8yrs and up. Features your favourite dinosaurs with 600 questions to test your knowledge and memory. Entertaining for everyone, educational with real facts, puzzling and captivating all at once. Comes in an easy travel case.
  • Dinosaur island on Amazon at £53.89 for ages 8yrs and up. Ian, (pictured at the bottom of this list) at Poundhill Board Gamers owns this game so if you want to try it, let us know in the comments and we will ask him to bring it down to one of the community Board Game nights at The Comic Shop where and when possible. In this game you build and manage your own park, collect DNA to create dinosaurs, employ workers and attract visitors to your park whilst also playing with, you know... DINOSAURS!
  • Jurassic park danger - adventure strategy game on Amazon at £22.99 for ages 10yrs and up. Chaos has hit Isla Nebular and the power is out, dinosaurs now roam the park and are on the hunt. Play as characters from the movie to get the park back online and escape before you become lunch! Cooperative game based on the original movie. Which character will you be playing?

  • Poundhill Board Gamers

    Owner of Dinosaur Island

    Also check out Board Stupids episode about their time playing Dinosaur Island on their streaming services if you want more information on the game itself. You can find this on their section of The Comic Shop's website.

    Up next, we have another dinosaur game plus it's very first expansion that Jason (pictured below the game information) has backed on Kickstarter. For more in-depth information on this game, check out The Podcast with Crawley Gaming Community's episode "Dinogenics Controlled Chaos" where the duo talk more about this game and it's first expansion, how it plays and whether they feel the first expansion has made the game better or not.


    Dinogenics is a player versus player game for 2-5 players ages 14yrs and up. Players compete to create the most thrilling yet deadly park as they "spare no expense" to entice as many meeple guests into their parks as possible. As a Kickstarter exclusive game originally from 2018, it has been a popular game worldwide and recently seen its first first expansion, controlled chaos.

    Can you control your dinosaurs and stop them from rampaging and eating your guests for lunch or will you force the other player's dinos to rampage by buying up all the goats that feed their carnivores? Real players (Jason) care only to run a Goat Farm!

    Crawley Gaming Club

    Owner of Dinogenics and the first expansion "controlled chaos"

    This game can be made available to play at the community run Wednesdays Board Gaming Club at The Comic Shop with advance notice. Have be us a shout if you want to play this game.

    Kickstarter News

    Check this out! Upcoming game on Kickstarter, head on over there to check out more details on this game!

    Also, a little pterodactyl (Jason) informed me there are a couple of new Dino Island games hitting Kickstarter on the 22nd September so keep an eye out for those too. Will you be backing them? Let us know in the comments!

    Comic shop news

    This week sees the return of Board game nights at The Comic Shop! Yippee! Hooray! We can finally get our board game fix! Event time is 6pm to 10pm on Wednesday 16th September. Pay to play is £3 per person, payable to The Comic Shop. Once again, we ask that you follow current government guidelines and please use the sanitising stations provided in the store.

    Due to the current situation regarding new social distance measures as outlined by the government recently, please keep an eye on the social media pages for more information as this is where any changes will be made public.

    Masks should be worn when you are not eating and drinking. Please be kind and mindful of others that may have anxiety about being out or starting to socialise and integrate with others in their bubbles after such a long period of not socialising and current restrictions.

    A quiet and safe space can be provided in the retro games room should anyone feel the need to use it but please be aware that it is subject to availability and capacity restrictions. If you wish to use the digital games in the retro room, you will need to book it in advance on The Comic Shop's website or by phone.

    Every Wednesday is The Comic Shop's new comics day. Yay, you can't beat that new comic smell! Check out the shelves for all the new titles and issues released this week on the 16th September and take a look at the new and improved Comic Shop layout. Tell us what you think about the new store layout in the comments.

    Tune in to the podcast this Thursday 17th to find out what Ian and Jason have been up to. All streaming services in the links below. Paul has WiFi and finally been let out of the CGC news shed to bring us some Kickstarter news and chomp a chunk out of our bank accounts! Let's hope Ian doesn't lock Paul back in the CGC news shed and throw away the key this week!

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    Written by Layla Webb

    Crawley Gaming Club

    Written on 7th September 2020

    Released on 14th September 2020

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