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Hello and welcome to the blog with Crawley Gaming Community. For those of you that are new, please check out our "who, what, where and when" post to find out more information on who we are and what we do.


This week's post will be a bit different as it is not posted on the regular Monday at midday and there is no upcoming podcast information this time around so you'll have to tune in to hear what Ian, Jason and Paul have been up to recently. (Thursday 8th October). However, I will be bringing you a Kickstarter campaign currently running plus an update on the Bots Up game I have backed a couple of weeks ago. Let's get started!


Kickstarter Campaign - The 7th Citadel

(7 days to go, I want this so badly!)

Up first, we have The 7th Citadel. This game has a solo play mode, as well as modes for up to 4 players and current backers, sit at just over 26K with over £1.8M pledged. Yes, you saw that correctly. Over one million pledged to get this game Kick-started! Why so much? Let's take a look…

The 7th citadel is now a new cooperative exploration game where you are the hero. In a post-apocalyptic medieval world, you play as a "slave gardener" having escaped from the citadel, you are confronted with an even bigger threat. Using event cards, you unveil the board gradually, interact with the environment and talk to other inhabitants. Your choices lead you to the main event, the bigger threat so choose wisely!

This game stems from The 7th Continent but with many changes having been made, The 7th Citadel has become a completely new game by itself. Die and retry is no longer the heart of this game, you can customise your action deck and make your character unique to the traits you choose, an extensive and dynamic dialogue with inhabitants has been introduced, craft, hunt and survive this new world to build your own.

Already there are so many unlocked stretch goals! With tons more to unlock. Go check it out!

Having an expansion increases more game time and more adventures, this game has one! "On the Edge of Peril" gives you a new adventure to play and provides you with 2 dividers, 30 game cards and a rules sheet. Get stuck in and build a bigger world.

The game itself is huge! With so many cards, events, maps and many, many more things to discover in it too. Pop on to Kickstarter to find out more about what is available with this game. Available in both French and English, check out the below images for costs.

They even have you covered for protecting your investment! Check out the sleeve kits available below.

Please note, all prices are in Euros and will be calculated by your bank or building society at the local exchange rate on the day and may vary from what is shown.

Kickstarter Update - Bots Up Campaign

(7 days to go! Must unlock more!)

So by now, you've all come to realise that Jason and Ian have introduced me into the world of Kickstarter and I happily jumped off the cliff, head first, into Kickstarter and backed Bots Up, the card game. I am happy to announce the game currently stands at 520 backers, total pledged £15,129 of £3,500 needed. (Correct as of 07/10/2020)

This game is for 2-5 players, it's bright and colourful, perfect to attract all the attention! I cannot wait to get it and break it open (neatly unwrapping it, you should all know me by now!) for all you lovely Community members to battle each other for victory! I will run a tournament and the overall winner will be named Most Super Supreme Bot for the rest of the evening and you'll even get a crown... probably from Burger King as I spent most of the budget on Kickstarter!

All of the stretch goals have been completed but wait, they've made more goals to reach! I want more, so go and support Matt and Rosie on Kickstarter! Back know you want to! As well as the unlocked cards, you have the original base game that comes with 63 battle cards, 48 health tokens, 13 power-play cards and 48 bot part cards.

The option I have gone for is The Upgraded Bot which will give me the base game plus the colour blast expansion giving me another 25 battle cards, 24 bot part cards and 4 more power-play cards to add into the base game. I want everything they have to offer but will settle for the base game and expansion...if I have to!


Below are the tiers they have available plus pledge amounts. The game is based in the UK so shipping should only be around £5.

How to play Bots Up


To start the game, each player selects 1 head, 1 body part, 2 arms and 2 legs to assemble their bot. The next part is to try to upgrade a maximum of 2 parts of your bot from the Bot part deck. Now you can tune your Bot! Each player selects 2 extra health tokens adding up to a total of 7 and use them to alter the health of your bot parts.

Now comes the best bit, battling your opponents! Each player gets 4 battle cards and the player whose bot head has the lowest health starts the game by picking up 2 more battle cards. This is also done every turn before battling. You may play 2 actions per turn. Blue cards are battle cards that deal damage to your opponents. Yellow cards can be played anytime, these can be upgraded things like armour and these are not just in your turn, they are ANYTIME cards! Pink cards are instant cards, this means they play straight away. When you take damage to any bot part, alter that part with the health tokens to keep track of your bot parts health. For example, a bot part has 4 health, takes 3 damage, you will place a health token valued at 1 on that part. When healing a bot part, you simply remove the counter and restore that part to original health.

Power play cards drawn must be actioned straight away, this time you draw from a separate deck, literally called the power play deck! These could benefit you but could also benefit your opponents! Battling continues until there is only one bot left with a live part! In a game of 3-5 players, you can end the game when one player's bot is completely knocked out first. The other players can add up their health left and whoever has the highest total is crowned the winner! Or you can just keep battling until there is only one bot left! This is going to be lots of fun!


Gaming Events

Wednesday 7th October saw us return to The Comic Shop for the weekly Board Game Nights! Yay! The Event was on from 6 pm to 9:50 pm. Curfew sadly saw us booted out and doors locked dead on the 10 pm mark (tears in eyes), so the last ten minutes were assigned to the packing up of games and cleaning up. This will be in place every game night for the foreseeable future. Check out next week's blog for some information on what games we played at this event!


Last week in the Board Gaming Night, I had the opportunity to play Architects instead of just watching it being played. Going up against Dave and James, 2 of our Community supporters and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. James, who owns the game, beat both myself and Dave by miles! I came a smug second! Haha! As a meeple placement and resource collecting game, it has very quickly become a new favourite of mine, which also means I must have it in the games library! So, if you see a copy, give me a shout! No seriously, shout at me, I am old and hard of hearing!


Come along next Wednesday and see what we are playing, bring your games if you wish. It is £3 per person for the whole evening, payable to The Comic Shop, food and drink available to buy at Cap's instore. Games, coffee and delicious milkshakes, what more could you want!


Please remember the following guidelines

  1. Wear your superhero/villain mask (face covering) at all times unless eating/drinking. If you are not wearing a face covering, you will be denied access to the Batcave (comic shop). If you are seen not complying with any of the rules, you will be snapped out of existence (asked to leave!) Sauron is watching!
  2. Declare war on germs! Please sanitise your hands-on entry to the shop and use sanitising stations around the shop frequently
  3. Choose a table, fill out the track and trace form supplied by The Comic Shop and please don't hop around the tables, unless you're the easter bunny bringing chocolate eggs! Once you are signed in to a table, that is your social table/bubble for the evening. Maximum of 6 people per table. Remember to complete the form by signing out as well.
  4. Once a game has been played, it will be packed away and quarantined for a minimum of 14 days and therefore not available to a second group, but we have tons of games between us so there will be plenty to play
  5. If you or someone you are with does not wish to have photos taken or featured during the event, please make us aware and speak to me (Layla) on the day. You may be asked to step away from a table so that we may have access to photograph the Game being played for our news, event updates and blog pages


Have you spotted something on Kickstarter that would look great in our Club's Board Game Mansion (the cupboard!)? Tell us! Show us! Comment with links! I have a lot of catching up to do with Jason and Ian so give me all the Kickstarter Gaming dirt you can! More content in the links below.


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Written on 07/10/2020

Released on 08/10/2020

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