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Hello and welcome to the blog with Crawley Gaming Community. For those of you that are new, please check out our "who, what, where and when" post to find out more information on who we are and what we do.

So this week we can announce some of the new stock thats arrived at The Comic Shop. Yes, new stock! What stock do you ask? GAMES! LOTS OF GLORIOUS GAMES! There's more games than we can fit into one post, But don't worry over the next few weeks we will pick a few each week and give you all the details we possibly can.

As always here are this weeks updates on what was played at board game night, podcast tidbits, plans for upcoming game nights and that slippery slope of Kickstarter. Intentions of backing just one game this year failed miserably with Layla getting sucked into backing a second game! Lilypads! Find out the details below in the backed Kickstarters section.


Our community and The Comic Shop have our work cut out for us over the next few weeks to give you as much information on the new games as possible so we will stop waffling on here and move on to the glorious games!

Wacky Races

Wacky Races, owned by two of our community members and available to play at the Wednesday Board Gaming Night at The Comic Shop, just ping the Crawley Gaming Community page on Facebook if you want to try it out.

This game is a fast-paced racing game for up to 6 players. Grab your iconic racing team and get across the finish line first, by hook or by crook! You'll have to work hard to deal with changing road conditions, fellow racers special abilities and dangerous traps laid by Dick Dastardly. The mischievous villain and his mean spirited partner, Muttley, are never far behind!

Available at The Comic Shop for £39.99

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a cross country train adventure. Players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities through North America. The longer the routes, the more points they can earn. Additional points come to those who can fulfil their Destination Tickets by connecting two distant cities, and to the player who builds the longest continuous railway. Climb aboard for some railroading fun and adventure!

Available at The Comic Shop for £39.99

Thanos Rising

The third game for this week is Thanos Rising. A game to defeat...you guessed it...Thanos! Will you defeat him or will he snap you out of existence? Why not have a bash at this game at one of our Wednesday Board Gaming Nights. Send us a message on Facebook or comment below if you'd like to team up and attempt to defeat him!

Thanos is ready to enact his master plan, and it's up to the greatest heroes in the universe to assemble, working together like never before. In this cooperative game, players must build teams of heroes to face off against Thanos and his villainous allies, attempting to thwart him before he collects all six infinity stones to power the infinity gauntlet and wreak havoc on the very fabric of reality!

Available at The Comic Shop for £49.99

Shuffle Heroes

The last game for this week is a fast-paced card game for two players set in a dark fantasy steampunk world filled with Lovecraftian monstrosities. In the game, you draft two heroes with unique abilities and shuffle their cards together, forming your draw deck. The aim of the game is to defeat enemies either by killing them or wearing them down. You can destroy your opponent's cards from their deck, so you strongly influence what they will draw in their next shuffle. Layla has her eyes all over this one so it may get added to the communities library very, very soon!

Available at The Comic Shop for £11.99

Shout out!

We give a warm welcome to our community member, Lex upon his return to us and for representing the community in one of our shirts available on Amazon for £14.99. Search "Made by Meeples" for this design and others available too. All shirts designed by our wonderful Friend, Paul C Lamprey of Mid Sussex Meeples (yes, this is the Paul that Ian and Jason frequently lock in the CGC news shed, they like to call it a log cabin but it isn't! Poor Paul!).

Board Game Night

At last week's Board Game Night at The Comic Shop, we had a wonderful turnout with so many of you coming out to support the community and a couple of newbies joined in with the fun as well. Our players got to see Dune the Boardgame, Odin's Ravens, Downforce, Bearicades, Castle Panic, Bandido and Star Wars Destiny.

Kyrie taught Layla how to play Odin's Ravens, a really simple world travelling racing game. Odin's two ravens compete to be the first one to reach the end of the world using flight cards and devious Loki cards that can change the world layout, extend the other Raven's flight path or shorten your flight path. Such a simple game and easy to learn with lovely sized cards and beautiful, yet simple artwork.

Dune was not played this time around, but broken out for us to learn how to play it and take a look at its components...there were quite a lot of pieces! Hopefully, on the next game night, we will be ready to play the entire game! As one of Layla's favourite films to watch, she can't wait to delve into the world of Dune and hoard all the spice! (Dunes version of money!)

Backed Kickstarters

Lilypads is a delightful print-and-play co-operative puzzle game for 1-2 players created by Tranquility designer James Emmerson and featuring stunning low-ink artwork by talented artist and graphic designer James Hitchmough. It came to life in the coronavirus lockdown and was designed to be easily printed at home, highly portable and playable on a small surface. 

For just £2, it's a nice low cost and easy game to introduce to new players with aesthetically pleasing simple card designs. This one even has the option of getting the file to 3D print your own lilypads frog as well! This Kickstarter is due in November so once it is received, printed and laminated, we will bring it in for people to play at the Wednesday Board Game Nights.


Next week's Gaming events are...

Community Discord Group on Monday 19th October from 7 pm onwards.

Wednesday Board Gaming Club at The Comic Shop from 6 pm to 950pm on the 21st October.


Crawley Gaming Club and Friday's Poundhill Board Gamers events are still closed at this time, keep up to date with these clubs on their Facebook pages.

Next Podcast Episode

Tune in to the podcast this Thursday 22nd October to listen to the duo, Jason and Ian, discuss the Wacky Races game in more depth. Listen out for Paul's segment on all the upcoming Kickstarter news, events and what he and his pal, rubber ducky have been up to.

A nice big shout out to all our members that attended the Wednesday meetup and eventually all our readers here once the word is out there about these posts! Please feel free to share these blog posts on Facebook wherever you wish. Have you enjoyed reading this post? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook pages. We'd like to hear from you. Want to try out one of our games or come along to one of our community meetups? Let us know in the comments or drop us a message at Crawley Gaming Community on Facebook. 

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Written 16/10/20

Issued 19/10/20

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