Buying singles!

by Comic Shop Crawley

That's right guys, thanks to our team up with New Zealand company BinderPOS. In three easy steps, you guys can now sell or trade-in your cards for cold hard cash or store credit. 

Step 1.

Create an account online and use the simple buy list pop out on the side of your screen to submit your list to us. Alternatively, use our computer to do this instore.

Step 2.

Bring your cards instore for us to appraise. Depending on the size of the collection your selling to us this can take between 5 minutes and 48 hours (so please bear with us).


We will let you know once your cards have been appraised and of any edits to our initial quote. Providing you accept we will either give you cash instore or store credit. 


It's just that simple! So what are you waiting for? Come on down, we hope to see you soon!



We reserve the right to refuse buying cards without reason.

On buy lists larger than 30 cards. Cards must be delivered to the store in order of set, name and colour. An admin fee of £5 per 100 cards will be deducted from the total trade-in value if cards are not presorted in this manner. If you are unsure of how to do this please contact the store first to avoid unnecessary charges.

Card gradings will be checked against the cards delivered in-store. The grading scale we use is: Near Mint, Lightly Played, Moderately Played, Heavily Played and Damaged. Non-English cards are automatically considered damaged cards for the purposes of valuation regardless of condition. If you are unsure how cards are graded please see Cardmarkets helpful guide ( or ask us in-store to help you.


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