Managing Directors


AKA The Earl of Grey. This cheery fellow live and breathes all things Comic.


AKA Iron-Wolf. An adult who never really grew up. If Peter Pan was a superhero this would be him.



AKA Shadowhex. She works tirelessly in the shadows creating the Art and Social Media posts you love


AKA The Judge. The Stores Level 1 MTG Judge. Hes here to tap that so hard it wont untap in its controllers next untap step


AKA Joanna the Jubilant. The Guru of the Grinder, the Sage of Syrups, and Swami of the Steamer. The best barista you will find anywhere


AKA Polyjuice Paulo. All things Harry Potter buff. In a battle between Horcruxes and Snakes. You can guarantee he will Stupefy you


AKA Ooteeny. So much big character in such a small package. Shes the one that makes the killer milkshakes


AKA Magic Michelle. The Mum of the group we all need when things get tough. Shes here to fix things when they go wrong and we couldnt be without her