How did The Comic Shop come to be?


The Comic Shop was created by both Chris Mills and Howard Clare whilst they worked in Gatwick Airport. After doing their research of what they wanted and what they wished to bring... They moved into 42 High Street in 2018 and finally opened in December! Since then it's been a blast. Through voluteers and help, the shop has changed and evolved into what it is now. If you'd like to hear more, both the owners would be up to tell you a tale or two.

How can I contact you?


You can contact us via email at: info@thecomicshop.co.uk or via phone: 01293532846, we aim to reply to emails within a day and answer calls from opening.

If you'd like to contact someone specifically, email: info@thecomicshop.co.uk requesting who and they'll reply back ASAP. Similarly with the phone, we can inform you when they'd next be in to for possible contact.


Do I need to set up an account with you?

To make purchases via the website it is required you will need to create an account with us.


What is a buylist? What types of cards do you buy?

A buylist is a list of trading cards that we will buy from people for either Store Credit or Cash. Currently we are only accepting Magic: The Gathering cards. These cards are checked by us before any monetary transaction is passed. We reserve the right to refuse cards for any reason. In the near future we will hopefully begin accepting Pokemon cards.


Can I order online and collect in store?

Yes you can! Physical purchases can be collected in store, with a reservation available for some! Just select 'Collect in Store' on the checkout and we'll get it ready for you! We aim to have reservations ready for you within 2 hours. We will send you a pickup notification when its ready for you.


Am I able to reserve spaces for an event?

Reserving spaces for events is not possible anymore. This is due to spaces being reserved and not used, meaning events would not be able to run or run on odd numbers which makes one persons experience not as enjoyable. We ask people to either pay in store or pay for a space online.


How do I access my online comic subscription?

Comic subscriptions can be managed by following this link https://managecomics.com/the-comic-shop and logging in using your account details. If you have any issues logging in please contact us and we can reset your account.


What are your COVID-19 safekeeping methods?

In store we have santiser at both till points and every table, along with masks being a requirement unless either drinking or eating. We try to maintain a high level of cleanliness in store, sanitising tables after people have left and cleaning the previous areas.